Apex Sales & Distribution

Sales and distribution department, represents the company in the market. Sales and Distribution system is one of the important links in the logistics chain. Fully integrated Apex Sales and distribution system provides a solid foundation to the sales and distribution department to react quickly and effectively to market forces. Apex optimizes sales and distribution tasks and speeds up the processes to ensure that all customer needs are identified and fulfilled quickly and accurately. It supports sales cycle from initial customer contacts to business inquiries, quotations, order confirmations, service delivery, billing and revenue realization. Inquiries and quotations store pre-sales data. Information gained from these documents can be used to gauge market trends and thus provide reliable basis for planning and controlling business strategies.

Apex Sales and Distribution system comprises of the following modules:

  1. Pre – Sales
  2. Sales
  3. Shipping
  4. Billing
  5. Transportation Planning
  6. Pricing & Promotions

Apex supports standard sales, consignment sales, third party sales, cash sales and rush orders. The system also supports long term sales arrangements to deliver materials and services over a pre-defined time period. The system has a number of inbuilt productivity and capability enhancement functions. Order proposals can be stored in the system to process order entries expeditiously. Availability check, delivery scheduling, price and tax determination and customer credit check procedures help sales staff to process sales accurately and efficiently.


Shipping process in Apex is largely automatic as business agreements with customers, special material requests and shipping conditions are defined in the sales order and sales master data. Shipping module supports deadline monitoring for orders due for shipment, creating and processing deliveries, creating work lists and schedules for shipping activities, availability check at time of delivery, picking, packing, transportation planning, processing of export requirements, printing of shipping documents and processing goods issue.

List of deliveries posted as goods issue form a work list for the billing department. Data from sales and shipping is used in creating bills. Billing supports creation of invoices on the basis of deliveries or services rendered, credit and debit memos and cancellation of billing documents. The system supports combined billing for multiple deliveries and orders or multiple bills for a single order and delivery. You define your own pricing conditions and customer eligibility criteria for a set of pricing conditions. The system maintains price lists at different levels and pricing is carried out automatically based on these predefined price lists, surcharges and discounts.

In many sectors of industry sales promotions are carried out; it is common not to charge the customer for some of the goods sold on purchase of certain quantity or value of goods. Sales promotions are run for a number of reasons that may include; introducing new products, expiry of items is close, product marketing and competition with other suppliers. Apex supports both inclusive and exclusive types of promotions.

Credits are sales oriented loans. Credit management enables you to minimize the risk by specifying a credit limit for customers. Apex enables you to identify early warning signs and enhance your credit-related decision-making.

Some of the salient features of the system are summarized below:

  • User defined organizational hierarchy
  • Customer Order based purchasing
  • Multi-level product packaging
  • Sales planning and revenue forecasts
  • Sales and distribution analysis
  • Transportation planning and service delivery

It is fully integrated with materials management, financial management, production and human resource modules.