Apex Material Management

Material management is central to any integrated supply chain management business scenario and is the most important link in the logistics chain. Apex provides a complete enterprise material management solution for any business. It caters to a wide variety of businesses operating in different vertical markets e.g. manufacturing, trading, distribution, retail and services etc. It covers a wide range of transactions and functions in the areas of material requirements planning, material procurement, inventory management, invoice verification and material valuation.

Apex Material Management comprises of the following modules:

  1. Forecasting
  2. Material Requirements Planning
  3. Purchasing
  4. Inventory
  5. Warehouse

Apex manages material and financial accounting of stock and non-stock items. Service items can also be defined in the system. It supports the management of stocks in different heads like QC, Freely available, Blocked and GR Blocked for the purpose of controlling the flow of materials in different business scenarios. The system also manages special stocks like consignment, returnable materials etc. The system handles a host of inward and outward material movements. Inward goods movements for purchase orders, cash purchases, refurbished material, production, returnable materials of suppliers and customers, free deliveries, consignment stocks and goods receipts without any reference are supported. Outward goods movements for customer orders, work orders, maintenance orders, project orders, consumption, assets, tools and repair are available. Inter-warehouse and inter-plant stock transfers are comprehensively handled by the system. The system also handles cancellation and adjustment of materials for any movement.

Apex supports standard and moving average valuation methods. The system also supports split level valuation for items on the basis of a combination of four user defined parameters. The materials can be valuated on the company or plant levels. The system allows change of valuation method adjusts the material prices accordingly.


The operation of any warehouse can be controlled in the most scaleable and cost effective manner. The system is fully enabled to handle perishable, serial, batch and bin general items. The system also recognizes materials on the split level on the basis of a combination of four user defined parameters. The system also recognizes allocated materials in the warehouse. You can also manage the capacity of warehouses on the basis of quantity, volume, weight and capacity utilization. The system supports a flexible warehouse structure comprising of sub-areas, different type of bins and sections and enables you to map any complex warehouse structure. Salient features of Apex Material Management are:

  • User defined organizational structure
  • Cost Centre Accounting
  • Centralized & decentralized purchasing
  • “Just-In-Time” material provisioning
  • Material code standardization and duplication control
  • Periodic, cyclic, sampling and perpetual physical count methods
  • Analysis: ABC, Purchase, Vendor, Aging

The material management module is fully integrated with financials, sales & distribution, plant maintenance and production modules.