ITSM Policy

GulfNet’s policy regards to Service Management System within the organization:

  •  Continually improve the effectiveness of the service management system
  • Get the services and management audited every year by the external auditors
  • Enhance current processes to bring them into line with good practices as defined within ISO/ IEC 20000·
  • Achieve ISO/ IEC 20000 certificate and maintain every process of it on ongoing basis
  • Make the delivery of IT services measureable in order to provide a sound bases for informed decisions.
  • Improve internal communication for communicating information related to Service Management System
  • Obtain ideas for improvement via regular services meetings with customers and document them in service improvement plan.
  • Review service improvement plan at regular service meetings in order to priorities and assess timescales and benefits.
  • Keep track of low service levels and ensure permanent solutions for improvement
  • Increase and improve internal training programs on SMS to keep the employees updated and aligned with changing trends in SMS.
  • Meeting contractual and legal requirements as and when required

GulfNet shall obtain Ideas for service improvement from any source including customers, suppliers, IT staff, risk assessment and service reports and shall implement measures to evaluate identified improvements with criteria such as cost, business benefits, risk, implementation timescale, resource requirements, etc.
ITSM policy would be reviewed at least once a year, either in MRM or in steering committee meetings.

Gulfnet employees would be expected to adhere to this policy.