Apex Human Resource Management

Personnel Administration system handles the promotions, postings and transfers, health, discipline and a host of other administrative function. Organizational planning, HR budgeting and controlling the demographic profile of the workforce are the strong features of Apex Human Resource system. You can define multiple organizational plans that can be adopted by the company in a competitive and growth oriented environment to optimize workforce deployment.

Apex supports an elaborate personnel development system which enables you to monitor and improve personal competencies of your employees. The personnel development system comprises of integrated performance evaluation, career & succession planning and training and events management systems. Performance evaluation system allows you to measure the proficiency of employees against different user defined competencies. Different appraisal templates can be defined for different employee groups. Periodic appraisals automatically update employee profile. Career & succession planning system helps you to identify competency deficiency in your employees and suggests training to improve these competencies. The system also allows you to define different career development paths for an employee based on his current profile, potential and preferences. The system will suggest future training and position placements for development of required competencies in a selected career path. Training of employees can be planned and executed to improve required competencies. Training results update employee competencies in the profile.

Apex caters to all Human Resource needs of your business and is organized in the following modules: hrcircle

  1. Organizational Planning
  2. Recruitment Management
  3. Personnel Administration
  4. Leave Management
  5. Time Management
  6. Benefits Planning
  7. Employee Loan Management
  8. Payroll Management
  9. Performance Evaluation
  10. Career and Succession Planning
  11. Training and Events Management
  12. Travel Management


Salient features of Apex Human Resource are:

  • Flexible enterprise organizational structure
  • Multiple cost centre allocation to organizational units, positions and employees
  • Configurable human resource policies
  • Payroll simulations
  • Profile match-up with required competencies and qualifications
  • Employee career development
  • Internal and external training
  • Vacancy lists of current and future vacancies
  • Vacancy fulfillment by promotions or recruitment
  • Automatic user defined letter generation to employees and relevant authorities for different administrative actions e.g. promotions, transfers, training etc.

The Human Resource Management module is fully integrated with financials, sales & distribution, plant maintenance and production modules.