Document Management & Workflow

Business Documents have a special significance in every business. These documents are created during the conduct of business and form the legal basis of all business transactions. Only authorized personnel can create or have access to these documents. The company documents are properly catalogued for searching and are kept in records. Apex supports a comprehensive document management system to fulfill these business needs and effectively manage your company documents.

Document Type

Apex supports different types of documents. These documents control the system behavior and all backend transactions are automatically performed accordingly. Some of the main document types are purchase requisitions, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, journal vouchers, work orders, goods issue, goods receipt, purchase and sales contracts and scheduling agreements and so on.

User Defined Documents

Several user defined documents can be defined in the system against any type of document. For example a user can define any number of purchase orders e.g. raw material purchase order, stationary purchase order, asset purchase order, spare parts purchase order etc.

Time Limited documents

It is also possible for users to define documents for use over a limited time period; on lapse of validity these documents are no more available for use. Such time limited documents are needed to record transactions for projects.

Document Linkage to Business Processes

All documents are linked with business processes through organizational units. A document can be linked to multiple organizational units if required.

Document Numbering

Apex supports user defined schemes for automatic document numbering. Document numbers can also be assigned manually. It also supports ISO numbering of documents.

Document Access

Access to company documents is restricted to authorized personnel only. These authorizations are defined in the system.

Document Search

The system supports a powerful document search facility in each functional area. The documents can be searched on user defined criteria.

Document Printing

The business documents in Apex are available on line. These can be printed and sent by email.


The company documents are generally required to be moved in the enterprise organizational structures for necessary approvals. These approvals are done on the basis of various authorities vested in business functionaries and entail inter-functionary communication and recording of comments by the functionaries in the hierarchal chain. These documents may also require reapprovals in case of any changes and resubmissions on rejections.

Apex has an inbuilt workflow management system to provide a comprehensive solution for these business needs.

Path Builder

Apex supports an intuitive and easy to use tool to build approval paths by selecting required positions from the organizational plan. Necessary authorities are inherited from these positions. The system allows you to define multiple approval paths to process company documents. An approval path can be used with any number of user defined company documents. The system automatically handles the movement of a document in the organizational hierarchy according to the approval path defined for it.


Apex records comments given on a particular document by various business functionaries and stores them in document history along with the user name and date and time stamp. These comments can be viewed and printed.

Document Status

Apex supports instant viewing of the status of documents. Each document is equipped with the traffic lights status display system. The current status of a particular document is displayed in the appropriate color. Document movement in the organizational structure can also be monitored in Apex. All positions involved in the processing of a document are displayed in the path; document movement all along the path is color coded to instantly determine the current position processing the document.


Apex system automatically generates and delivers messages about document submissions at various positions. Apex also supports intra-company messaging with or without reference to documents.